What to do on the Day of Your Vaccination

  1. Please make sure you have sent us the consent form in advance.
  2. Please wear loose fitting clothes as we will be using the deltoid muscle as the injection site. This is the muscle on your upper arm, so please wear clothes that make it easy to access the upper arm of your non-dominant hand (your dominant hand is the hand you write with).
  3. You need to maintain full public health measures:
    a. Wear a face-mask
    b. Check your temperature when entering the pharmacy (it is best not to get vaccinated if you have a fever (greater than 38 degrees Celsius) – don’t worry about your appointment, just wait a few days and telephone us and we will give you priority when your fever is gone).
    c. Sanitize your hands thoroughly with the alcohol gel provided.
  4. We will try and vaccinate you as soon as possible. You will be shown to a vaccination room where you can ask us any further questions you may have before final consent.
  5. You will be vaccinated into your upper arm.
  6. We will try not to delay you unduly but after the vaccination we need you to remain seated for 15 minutes to ensure you do not have an allergic reaction to the vaccine (this is very rare but it is better to be safe than sorry).
  7. It is advisable to take Paracetamol on the day of your vaccination to reduce any headache or muscle pain. You can use Ibuprofen if you prefer. It is also important to remain well hydrated so drink a lot of water after getting your vaccine.
  8. That is it, you are free to go. Congratulations on your vaccine!